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 Ultimate Co-Hosting Guide to TomBobBlender's Webstream!

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PostSubject: Ultimate Co-Hosting Guide to TomBobBlender's Webstream!   Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:10 am

Hello, and thanks for reading TomBobBlender's cohosting guide! Below you will find information on how to be a good cohost and keep the stream safe. If you plan on cohosting for a segment sometime soon, I strongly suggest you read on. Enjoy!

1. Follow the rules.
While you are cohosting, all the rules applied to the chat are also applied to the cohosts. You do not get special privileges simply because Tom is right there by your side. Do NOT harass other users or excessively curse. This irritates Tom and the viewers/chatters. If you are caught doing this type of activity, you will be banned (see the Ban Policy). This is the first step in becoming a good cohost.

2. Know the game.
If you are going to be cohosting for a Let's Play segment, make sure you know the game inside and out. We have many other users who are eager to cohost, and we will not tolerate you being there simply to chit-chat. "I haven't played this game in a while" is not an acceptable excuse.

TIP: Replay the game to get to know it again, or play it side by side with Tom.

3. Pay attention to the chat.
In some cases, Tom or you will not know what to do. The chat often has useful information to guide Tom. It is important that you at least glance at the chat every few seconds to make sure you don't miss something important about the game.

4. Do not reveal spoilers.
Remember, this is Tom's first time playing the game. He want's to have the same experience as you did when you first played the game. Only reveal such info if Tom asks.

5. Use a good quality microphone.
No, you cannot use your Rock Band microphone. When cohosting, we ask that you use an appropriate microphone to prevent echo, static, and low volume level. Headsets are preferred. Microphones are extremely cheap nowdays and you can usually pick up a decent one for around $30. So please, spend the dough and buy a decent microphone.

TIP: We suggest the Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset: http://tinyurl.com/logitechheadset You can pick one up for about $25 on Amazon!

6. Act professional Please maintain a proper figure while cohosting. For example, do not yell blatantly into your microphone. Do not excessively curse. Do not single out a user in the chat to bully them.

Cohosting is a privilege that Tom can take away from certain users whenever he wants to. Follow these rules and you'll be a great cohost!

*If something needs to be changed/added, PM me*

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Co-Hosting Guide to TomBobBlender's Webstream!   Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:38 am

This is kind of a rant, kind of not, I dunno, but I hope you read it, whether you're a co-hoster or not.

There has been a lot of commotion about co-hosting during our "WiiPlay Video Games" segment. I know all of this is already stated in the rules and in the forums, but I guess I'll try it this way.

First of all, this segment is for games I have NEVER played before. EVER. NO EXPERIENCE. NO BACKGROUND INFORMATION. So, Of COURSE I am going to go in the wrong direction (especially with these 3D games), of COURSE I'm going to make LOTS of mistakes, of COURSE I'm going to DIE many times and of COURSE I'm not going to know every little power up and strategy. It may LOOK like I'm dumb and have no idea what I'm doing... trust me... I'm not. I choose to play games I've never played before to not only learn new games but to give YOU the chance to interact (positively).

You do NOT have yell from the chat room what direction I have to head in, what I must do next, etc. I am most likely NOT going to read the chat... hence... the whole purpose of a co-host! "TOM! GO LEFT!" "TOM, GO BACK! WATER YOU DOING!?" This is unnecessary and, quite frankly, ExTrEmElY annoying.

Quit being so rude in the chat! My god, you guys can be such demons at times. If I had friends tell me I FAIL every time I died or made a mistake in the game, they'd get PAWNCHED. I really would like this to stop because it's just downright rude and disrespectful, especially to a stream HOST. I know it must make you feel tough and above everyone else to put others down, but I don't condone that here. Remain positive or leave.

Please let ME play the game. I am thankful for all of my co-hosts, but PLEASE, you do NOT need to drag my body behind you. I do NOT need step-by-step directions. At that point, I might as well hand you guys the controller and say, "Here!". Avoid..... in all seriousness.... avoid using walkthroughs.... please... they are not always correct. If you are co-hosting this, you REALLY SHOULD know this game inside and out! Nothing is more irritating that 'thinking' you know something is there, "believe" I should go this way, etc. My advice; play through the game before you co-host it, or have an OFFICIAL Players Guide by your side. Give me some time to explore the game and figure it out on my own. I'd rather spend 35 minutes figuring out a situation rather than spending 4 seconds being told how to do it right. If that... makes....any sense. Know where I am in the game when you are preparing to co-host and have a general goal to meet in the time you are co-hosting.

There are NO RESERVES with co-hosting. How is that even fair? What I normally do is answer whoever is calling about five minutes before the game begins. That's it. If you're there and I answer it, then you're it. Please don't create a dramatic scene over this. If someone seems to co-host more than others, sit back and figure out why.

Don't overwhelm me with information. Just tell me as much as I need to know at that given moment. Give me the Reader's Digest version, preferably in your own words.

I am NOT you; I WILL do things differently. Too many people (both co-hosts and in the chat) want me to play the game much the same way they played it. That's only natural, I guess, but simply unrealistic. Even though you'll tell me to do something one way, I just might do it another. Just remember WHO is playing these games.

Use the simplest terms when referring to where to go, especially on the map; avoid using the actual names of places, such as "Goblin Valley"; rather, just say "the brown thing at the top right of the screen'". I just don't have the time to memorize all these names, playing seven games at a time, and once a week.

DON'T talk about what is happening on your screen. This is annoying. No matter what, you will ALWAYS be at LEAST 4 seconds BEHIND what I'm doing. Predict what will be happening 4 seconds ahead of what you see and talk about that. This is one of the finest skills a co-host could have. After all, if you really knew the game, this shouldn't be an problem.

Please READ THE CHAT, Co-Hosts! Trust me, I don't NEED to have a co-host to play these games, but I much prefer it, since the process generally goes faster (that is, if the co-host knows the game). Sometimes I would rather just play the game and refer to the chat if I need help or just use my hundreds of gaming magazines and Players Guides to help me through.

I hope that covers everything I wanted to say in this little "Co-Host Must-Haves" guide/rant. If I think of anything else, I'll just place it here. Thanks for reading. - TBB

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Ultimate Co-Hosting Guide to TomBobBlender's Webstream!
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