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 New rules - 1/23/09

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Official TBB Techno-King/Here since Month 2!

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PostSubject: New rules - 1/23/09   Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:58 pm

IRC Clients
1 Do not post server/join/part/quit/kick/ban/mode/topic messages in the chat. (30 minute ban)
2.Do not make auto-response messages that respond to certain chat phrases, unless approved by Tom. (punishment varies based on script)
2.Do not overuse your scripts, it's annoying. (punishment varies based on script)
4.Do not use on JOIN messages. They will be considered spam, especially if your internet starts bugging and you keep revolving in and out of the chatroom.

Rules in General
1.Do not post links to social sites. This falls under the category of both personal info AND advertising. (2 hour ban)

***By our definition, social sites include places like Myspace, Facebook, and any other related sites.***



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New rules - 1/23/09
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