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 Hacks Forums Rules and Guidlines

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Official TBB Techno-King/Here since Month 2!

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PostSubject: Hacks Forums Rules and Guidlines   Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:04 am

The Hacks forums are designed to allow people to post about hacking related subjects. These include level edits, ROM/RAM addresses, texture hacks, overhauls, and hacking utilities. Here are the main rules to follow while using this forum:

  • If you are posting a hack, please make sure that it isn't some garbage hack that means absolutely nothing other than to waste somebody's time.
  • If a hack that you are posting isn't yours, please notify a moderator so that we will be able to check it out.
  • DO NOT POST ROMS! Use patches instead.
  • If you post a utility, please prefix the topic with "Utility: " so it's easier to find
  • All content within the hacks must follow the stream's rules as to what can be said or shown (This means NO profanity and NO adult content)
  • Don't post glitch/garbage textures
  • If you must post a utility in a foreign language, please at least post specific directions on how to use it, if an English version is not available.
  • ROM/RAM addresses must be posted with the game it applies to, the ROM version, and what the address controls.
  • Don't post links to website archives; Post the direct link to the hack/tool you want to share. We don't want to be held responsible for off-site content.
  • Youtube videos must be accompanied by at least a description and follow the same rules as content posts.

Follow these rules and your posts should remain in tact. Thank you.



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Hacks Forums Rules and Guidlines
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