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PostSubject: Posting Guidelines   Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:58 pm

In order to help keep everyone up to date on what games are played and what is accomplished in each WiiPlay, we are proud to announce the forum area dedicated for this very purpose! Each WiiPlay will have their own section marked off into "Episodes". The initial forum post will summarize what exactly happened during the episode, as well as any significant details, such as special items picked up, special items left behind, important cutscenes, silly events and such. In addition, stream members are encouraged to post any information they'd like, such as any input they would like to share from their experience watching or playing, what they think should be accomplished during the next episode, etc. We hope this new idea kicks off and becomes a favorite in the forums!

The format for topics should be Game: Episode # - Month Date, Year
For instance, the first post, tomorrow night for Eternal Darkness, should read
Eternal Darkness 2nd Playthrough: Episode 1 - October 1st, 2009

This will be very useful for both cohosts and stream members. It will allow everyone to stay up to date on what has been done in each WiiPlay. Anyone is allowed to start the topic for the game, but please follow the rules.
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Posting Guidelines
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