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 Videogame recomendations and opinions.

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PostSubject: Videogame recomendations and opinions.   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:56 pm

I've noticed people in the stream usually ask "is so and so game a good game, is it worth buying, is it worth playing?" well here's the place to do your opinion on games people ask about. Basically make your opinions and recomendations here. give a small summary of a game your recommending, and if your asking if a certain game is worth buying ask the Forum and read opinions. Here's one of my recommendations.

Persona 4, I just got this game about 3 days ago. Lets just say its a long game i've put 5 hours into the game and i'm barely in the intro but of course scratch about 30 minutes off of that for when i got the game on pause. I haven't completely beaten the game but its a great RPG one where you have to think. Lets say theres a shadow thats really strong in defense, and your regular attacks do only 20 or 30 damage, thats where your persona skills come into play, if you find the enemies weakness you can basically stun the enemy and it gives you another turn. The story is rather mature though so those that are under 18 i would think about renting this behind your parents back, its rated M for several cuss words, a stripper boss battle, a penis persona (i'm not joking about that), moments of gore, disturbing images, and sexual themes, (basically put this isn't your grandma's RPG) If you can get past all of that its a great rpg one of the best games out there for the ps2. The music in this game sticks to you, and the new Social link furthers the gameplay outside of battle. The game is one of those RPGS where you can't just tap the attack button, well you can but thats just making the game hard for you. Persona 4 is a great RPG game if you see this at a gamestop don't hesitate to buy it you won't regret it.
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Videogame recomendations and opinions.
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