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 Pokemon Trading Center

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PostSubject: Pokemon Trading Center   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:40 am

Okay, lasersamurai started a system like this already, but it kind of just died. So, i'd like to start it back up and get it going. Here is going to be the place where people can request pokemon, set pokemon up to trade, trade items, and meet up with other people who play pokemon. I would just like to start it up and offer some pokemon that i have many extras of.

Available Pokemon:
Drifloon(I have around 40 Drifloons of various abilities and natures, most at lvl 1, but i have 2 that are ready to evolve)
Seedot(I have many of these also various abilities and natures, most at level 1, and 1 ready to evolve)
Poliwag(Not a whole lot, but a good bit)

Wanted Pokemon:

I hope i can get this started. Thanks in advance for any reply!
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Pokemon Trading Center
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