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 IRC Client Setup

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Official TBB Techno-King/Here since Month 2!

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PostSubject: IRC Client Setup   Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:27 am

:mIRC Setup:

I've decided to revise this tutorial since, I've noticed, it's a bit hard to follow. Now it has pictures!!! Very Happy

Download and Install mIRC from http://www.mirc.com
When it is installed, open it and click continue when the registration dialog appears. You do not have to register. Khaled Mardam-Bey is just trying to make some money off mIRC. It's more of a coerced donation Wink
If you'd like to remove the registration dialog at startup, you must register mIRC.

Now that we have mIRC open, let's get started.

  1. Click the "hammer" in the mIRC toolbar:

    (Hammer highlighted in red)
  2. A dialog should now pop up that looks like this:

    Fill it out so it looks something like this:

  3. Click on the servers list item from the list on the left of the mIRC options dialog:

  4. Click the "Add" button on the right of the mIRC options and another dialog should appear:

    Fill it out just as I have in this picture:

    **place your password in the "Password" field**
  5. Once done, click the "Add" button in the Add Server dialog box.
  6. Now, there should be a new server entry called "Random Server" under the "Ustream" group. If you do not see it, double click the "Ustream" folder. Click "Random Server", and click the "Select" button on the right of the dialog box:

  7. In the list box on the left side of the mIRC options dialog, there should be an option labeled "Options." Click it and set everything to your liking. I prefer these settings:

  8. Once you are done setting everything to your heart's content, click the "Perform" button at the bottom of the dialog. This will bring up a new dialog box:

  9. Click the "Add" button in the new dialog box, find Ustream, and click "OK":

  10. Click on the drop-down list and choose "Ustream" from the list.
  11. Fill the new dialog box as I have below, replacing "Foxtrot200" with your username:

  12. When you click "OK", you will be taken back to the mIRC options dialog. Click "OK" to save your settings and click the yellow lightning bolt in the mIRC toolbar to connect!

    IRC clients are a great way to stay away from ustream's glitches and limited client.

    With mIRC, you can see mode changes (bans, channel settings, etc.), kicks, joins, parts, quits, topic changes, and nick changes.

    There is also a script engine built into mIRC and scripting for it is easy as long as you follow the help file.

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PostSubject: Colloquy 2.1 Setup   Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:47 am

Colloquy 2.1 Setup

Just like mIRC, Colloquy is free! However it is an IRC that is STRICTLY for the Mac. It's an EXCELLENT IRC client, and I DEFINITELY recommend it to ANY Mac users out there. It requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) or higher. Leopard or Tiger is preferred to receive further updates and support.

So...first things first. You have to download it of course! The link is provided below.


The link to begin downloading can be kind of hard to see. It's in dark purple text on the first sentence.

So...once you've downloaded it, launch it. You'll find it at wherever you save your downloads. After you've launched it, 2 windows will pop up (assuming this IS your first time launching the program). Ignore (Don't close it) the window titled "Connections", as we'll get to it later. Under the "New Connection" window, the following information needs to be entered.

Nickname: Your Ustream username (enter it exactly the same) (Example: monolith_)
Server Protocol: IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
Chat Server: c.ustream.tv (Type it in, as it doesn't show up under the arrow menu)
Check the box that says "Remember this connection"
Click on the "Details" arrow
Port: Leave blank...nothing can be entered
Chat Server Port: 6667
Uncheck the box that says "SSL Connection"
Username: Your Ustream username (exact same thing as the "nickname" section)
Server Password: The password to your ustream account
Real Name: Your real name...put whatever you want here lol
Join Rooms: Leave blank

Click Connect

Once you click Connect, you should be connected to the server (Indicated by a jagged, sort of lightning shaped arrow, in front of the server you just created under the "Connections" window). If you did NOT connect to the server, click on the "Info" icon in the "Connections" window (If you don't see it, then it's under the small arrow tab on the right of the window). Enter the "Server Password" and "Password" sections of this window with your password from your Ustream account.

So...now that you're connected, the first thing to do is to click on the "Info" icon of the "Connections" window (If you don't see it, click on the arrow tab on the right of the window)

In this "Info" window, click on the "Automatic" tab, at the top of the window. The only thing you need to do here, is make sure the "Connect on launch" box is checked. Then, close the window.

Once you've done that, in the "Connections" window, make sure the small box to the right of the server/port/nickname section is checked (In the star column)

After you've done that, just click on the "Join Room" icon and type in this: #tombobblender

You'll join the room, and BAM! You've set it up!.......almost...lol

The last thing to do...at the very bottom left corner of the chat window, you'll see a small, cog shaped tab. Click on the tab, and click "Auto Join". What this means is every time you launch Colloquy, you'll automatically join the room!

And that's it! You've officially set up Colloquy! If you have ANY questions, please feel free to PM me, and I'll try my best to answer them.
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IRC Client Setup
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