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Official TBB Techno-King/Here since Month 2!

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PostSubject: Stream FAQs   Stream FAQs Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 3:51 pm

Here, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the stream:

What do you stream?
Tom streams a 24/7 gaming stream, shutting down only for maintenance, vacation, lag reduction on online gameplay, and personal events. He streams a Wiiplay every night, with the exception of Tuesdays, due to a cross-streamed radio show, and personal conflicts, from 9 PM EST (6 PM PST) to 12 PM EST (9 PM PST) and he streams a 1-3 hour random segment immediately after with the exception of Wednesdays in which case it is replaced with Japan Night.

Can I cohost?
Yes, you may cohost if you have Skype and a good microphone. However, we do recommend you have at least some knowledge of the game currently being played. Just add TomBobBlender to your skype contacts and Tom will add you ASAP.

How do I get DP?
DP is distributed through chat games, through quicknicks, and at random.

What's a quicknick?
A Quicknick is a stream challenge that can be played by anyone. You play by listening for certain sounds that play on the stream and responding to them with various phrases. Here's a list:
*Earthbound victory* : I WON !
Join the Nintendo fun-- I mean, Club Nintendo today. : /me joins Club Nintendo today
What is a man?! : a miserable little pile of secrets
*belch* : excuse you, Banondorf
Earthbound "SMAAAASH!!" sound : SMAAAASH!!
There are many more quicknicks than this.
Watch out for fake quicknicks, which sound a bit different and don't be too late or you will lose 200 DP.

What is "Level up!"?
Level Up is a different kind of quicknick challenge where you gain levels for TBB RPG Plus, one of the various chat games. When you hear the World of Warcraft level up sound, say "Level up!" and you might get the free level, but be careful, saying it too late will cost you one level.

How do I play the chat games?
There are many chat games, too numerous to explain in this FAQ, that have many commands. The best way to learn is to watch the chat and see how others play. They're really fun when you get the hang of them. If you'd like to read more on them, go here.

How do I use my DP?
Type "!ban-n-shop" into the chat and Banondorf will PM you everything you can purchase with DP. Just tell TomBobBlender what you wish to buy and he will get it for you. Just remember that Tom's schedule doesn't always allow him to do everything when it's convenient for you. Give him time and remind him every now and then, but not constantly.

Who is Banondorf?
Banondorf is the stream bot. He is the short-tempered brother of Ganondorf. He controls the chat topic, bans, chat games, stream challenges, events, and the stream music and sounds. Be warned, he isn't afraid of using his ban hammer and will strike if you are asking for it... and I mean that both literally and figuratively. See a list of commands here.

Why was I banned?
Read the rules and try to find any rules you have broken. If your search is in vain, ask a channel operator (moderator). If they don't know, they will point you to someone who does.

I have a problem with a moderator!
Take the problem up with Tom. If a channel operator isn't doing their job properly, Tom should know.

I'm having a problem with another user!
If it's something they are doing or saying, ask them politely to stop. If they persist afterward, talk to a moderator. They'll be happy to take care of the situation. Just remember that anything in PM is out of our control. If someone is harassing you in PM, switch to an IRC client and add them to your ignore list, set to PM (query). In mIRC, this command is /ignore -p nick

Why can't I talk?
To speak in the chat, you need to be voiced. Registered users are automatically voiced, but for control reasons, guests are not automatically voiced. If you are a guest, log in and try chatting again. If you are logged in and can't talk, it's probably because you either have another ustream client open and you have a -# in your name or a moderator has devoiced you for something you've said. If the case is the former, close any other connection you may have open to the ustream chat and reconnect.

Where's Tom?
If Tom is not on the stream or active in the chat, he is probably doing something else. Right now, Tom lives a busy life between school and his personal schedule.

It's 9 PM EST, where's the Wiiplay?
Be patient, Tom is a busy guy. Sometimes Wiiplays are delayed or canceled because Tom has more important things to do than play video games.

Who is Buddii?
Buddii is Tom's pet ferret and the stream's mascot. He's been around since before the stream started and without him, the stream probably wouldn't exist, if not ever, like it does today.
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Stream FAQs
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